Georgetown Aquadillos

Georgetown Aquadillos Summer Swim Team

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About the Aquadillos

The Aquadillos is a great first swim team. It's fun, the races are short distances, and our athletes learn to become better swimmers.

The Georgetown Aquadillos has been providing a fun summer swim team experience in central Texas since 1985. Our experienced coaching staff teaches swimming technique, while maintaining a fun, laid-back, summer attitude.

Swimmers learn proper stroke technique, starts, and compete in meets. Awards are given for individual improvements. Meets are fun, and swimmers compete against others in their age group. Ages range from 6 and under, all the way to 15-17 year olds.

Fun Facts

  • The Aquadillos have been helping the kids in our community for more than 25 years.
  • Many of our swimmers have gone on to success with High School teams.
  • Several Aquadillos swimmers have competed at the collegiate level.
  • Teams in our circuit have implemented our volunteer model; all parents volunteer in some capacity.
  • All swimmers receive awards with special emphasis on individual time improvements.